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After the invention of the electric light bulb and availability of electricity, many churches added a Sunday evening worship service along with other activities. Indeed, the morning worship remained the pearl that received greater attention and preparation but Sunday evening services were often well attended. In this writer’s experience, churches often enjoyed at least half as many on Sunday evening as they did in the morning service. Approaching the turn of the 21st century, Sunday evening worship attendance had dropped in many churches. As some churches began to cancel Sunday evening services, more church leaders began to consider doing the same and many followed suit. This article looks at the decline and demise of the Sunday evening service and offers a challenge. Did churches cancel Sunday evening worship services for the right reasons? Is the cancellation of Sunday evening services a portend of…

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  1. ivor thomas Says:

    Many have left the institutional churches for many reasons not the least of which we are tired of being treated like children and made to get in, sit down, shup up, listen and don’t interrupt.

    Unfortunately most that leave also leave God in the process. I think those that were in leadership will have to answer for that.

    I love the people in those churches including leadership but I hate the system that they use.

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