The Twelve Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Church

Be the leader God intends you to be!

Simple Discipleship Blog

leadership1 The leader of a rowing team is the only one that can see where the vessel is going.

Leaders by nature must lead. I have heard an unusual number of pastors say, “I just want to preach. I don’t want to deal with strategy, planning, administration, counseling, change, and certainly not conflict.” However, this attitude is inconsistent with almost all of the biblical examples from Moses to the Apostle Paul and Elijah to the Apostle John. Each of them proclaimed the word of God but they also had to deal with administration, logistical issues, strategy, planning, counseling, change management, and conflict. From personal experience, I know that preaching is not only one of the more pleasant ministry tasks, but it is also challenging. Still, it is only a small part albeit most visible aspects of what pastors do. My point is that it is necessary for church leaders to move…

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